Letís start with some points on how real estate buyers have become digital lovers:

  • In this digital marketing era, the modern home searchers and renters expect that a real estate company should be on social media.
  • It is a fact that 58% of all the buyers found home on their mobile device these days and maximum customers use social media
  • There is no doubt that property lovers spend their maximum time, on the internet and especially on social media for example Facebook.

The value of digital or social media marketing in real estate transactions has not escaped the attention of property dealers in India as well.

The real estate market makes a strong come back in 2018 in India. Now itís the best time for a real estate company to merge their innovative strategy for real estate and digital marketing.  With the passage of time digital platforms such as Google and Facebook have become an effective medium for real estate businesses. Even the inbound marketing tools like HubSpot are in trend these days and if used appropriately can get immense profit for real estate industry. It was one of the most appreciated tools in the latest DigiMarCon conference (digital marketing conference APAC Singapore 2018).

Social Media Users in India 2018

This is a fact that the real estate industry has changed extremely in the last ten years. Buying or renting the property used to be pushed by a professional group of people or spread through communication or connections. These days 90 percent of property buyers look in the internet to find a good housing dealJust a few years back the marketing team of a real estate company was told to list the property on 99acres.com or magicbricks.com. The realtors also believed in following the best SEO practices on their websites. But this is not enough in todayís digital world.

So letís know some facts about how real estate agents are getting the new leads in todayís digital and social media marketing world?

Now Here We Know Where Real Estate Digital Psychology is Going!

A Realtor Should Understand That-

  • It is better for a real estate company to get excellent in their digital marketing skills or hire a result oriented digital marketing company.
  • They have to change their way of thinking from hiring marketers with brick and motor approach to hiring a team of digital marketing professionals otherwise their business will undergo a rough phase in the remote future.

Letís discuss some of the hot trends which will shoot real estate market in present and upcoming era.

What Is The Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence And Real Estate?

One of the brimming innovations of the 21st century is artificial intelligence. Not surprisingly AI has and is going to boom and impact real estate marketing in a digital world. To find the correct deal was ranked highest among all generations as the most problematic step in purchasing the property.90% of real estate agents communicate through smartphones, emails marketing campaigns, text messaging etc. in order to get the right customer for the right property.

Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence And Real Estate


Now an Artificial Intelligence can help to track the best properties for different searcher making the things easier.

  • Artificial Intelligence algorithm will make the email marketing campaigns more organized and personalized, which will help to target individual customers.
  • The best part of AI is that it never sleeps. This implies that you can use AI-based bots to give 24/7 coverage to customers who hopped on your website or your social networking profiles.
  • The AI will take care of giving the personal touch to every customer and will synchronize your marketing efforts in a perfect way that it can aggregate the data and find out what will work best at every crucial decision. For example, it can track its messaging and the images it used based on your individual customers.

Now the question is how important it is for a real estate company to adopt an AI friendly tool like HubSpot?

  • With Hubspotís chatbot tool, you can lighten the load of your real estate team and can build long-term relationship with your client.
  • A real estate agent can even choose a template based on their botís goal, and start the process with the help of HubSpot.

Why Should Real Estate Companies Adopt Inbound Marketing? And Why Hubspot?

Here are five reasons:

  • For online presence
  • Good at targeting return customers
  • To Build trust with prospects
  • In order to stay well connected with leads

Now letís know, why HubSpot is one of the most preferred tool for real estate industry?

  • HubSpot software is totally for inbound strategy
  • This is the best tool to attract visitors
  • In order to turn the visitors into leads
  • With the help of HubSpot a realtor can understand buyeríspersonality, which will help him to understand exactly who is he marketing to as well as what are the challenges and goals related to the specific customer.
  • Strategizing your target customer with the help of HubSpotwill definitely help you to give the direction to your content development as well as trigger your complete inbound strategy.
  • Without a proper content marketing tool, your digital marketing strategy is not going to work in the long run. HubSpot has a remarkable content marketing tool.
  • HubSpotís content strategy tool will help you to find the relevant topics for your real estate business blogs.

You can try Hubspotís marketing software free for 30 days and can see how effective it is for business growth.

Social Media Marketing And Paid Ads For The Real Estate:

With the passage of time, digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and many other social networking websites have developed into advertising businesses.

Facebook Users in India 2018

Average time spent by consumers on social media websites is increasing day by day.

Average Time Spent on Social Media
Image Source

Therefore a real estate agent or a property dealer should understand consumer behavior before starting an online campaign for their company or assign this job to an analytical digital marketing firm.

Now letís understand in nutshell,how some popular social media networking websites influenced real estate companies:

Real Estate and Affiliate Programs

Real estate is one of the most productive and very well paid markets available for affiliates in 2018.

A real estate agent can increase his sale without any cold calling or pasting pamphlets. They can simply put an affiliate link on their website. They can also add the link at the bottom of their emails or can post it on their social media accounts.

This process will help you to market your companyís brand, and your property listings.

We at KVR Webtech help builders to tie up with brokers and property dealers for their affiliate programs, which in turn benefits all the parties in terms of commission.

Our business oriented affiliate program strategy is totally aimed at real estate investment opportunities. We have team of professionals, dedicated 24/7 to increase your affiliate earnings.

In 2018, with the availability of advanced social ad campaigns and automation features, real estate marketers will get connected to new customers and can use options that were not there in the past.

In the recent years, Indiaís younger generation is getting more aggressive in buying houses more seriously than ever, as long as they fit a certain price range.

ďThe young professionals are less focused on size and look for homes close or well-connected to their workplaces to cut commute. Compact homes are also low on maintenance and are budget-friendly,Ē according to a report.

In order to understand this type of data about consumerís behavior, age, and demographic impact a real estate company requires an up to date digital marketing firm to increase their buyers and renters list.

KVR Webtech worked closely with the NK Sharma Group and Sushma Buildtech Limited one of the renowned realtors and helped them to strategize their digital marketing plan to outreach their customers with advanced and Artificial Intelligence based social media marketing tactics

You can find out which digital marketing and web solution strategy will be best to increase online presence of your real estate business by taking the leverage of our free website evaluation services.

Our team of professionalsí expertise in understanding and strategizing realtors needs and make them aware about how the latest digital marketing trends will influence their customerís behavior.